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Organic Tea + Non-GMO
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Non-GMO Ingredients
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Non-GMO Ingredients
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Locally Sourced Ingredients
Austin’s Own’ Goodflow
Austin’s Own’ Goodflow Green Tea
Dove Creek
Dove Creek Unsweet Tea
Fredericksburg Peach Tea
Brownsboro Blueberry
Brownsboro Blueberry Green Tea
Pecos Cantaloupe
Pecos Cantaloupe White Tea
Poteet Strawberry
Poteet Strawberry White Tea
Sugar Land
Sugar Land Sweet Tea Sweet Tea
Rio Grande Valley
Rio Grande Valley Half & Half
Build Your Own Case
Build Your Own Case Wanna mix it up?
Locally Sourced Ingredients
Brownsboro Blueberry
Brownsboro Blueberry Lemonade
Fredericksburg Peach
Fredericksburg Peach Lemonade
NOT IN STOCK: Knippa Cucumber
NOT IN STOCK: Knippa Cucumber Limeade
Poteet Strawberry Limeade
Poteet Strawberry Limeade Limeade
Waxahachie Burleson
Waxahachie Burleson Lemonade
Build Your Own Case
Build Your Own Case Wanna mix it up?
Texas Grown Orange & Grapefruit
Apple Juice
Cranberry Cocktail
Grapefruit Juice
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Build Your Own Case
Build Your Own Case Wanna mix it up?
Texas Tea Shirts
Texas Tea Shirt
Texas Tea Shirt Texas Tea Shirt
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      What our
      customers have to say

      “I tried this on a whim and so glad I did. Fell in love with the strawberry white tea. It is so refreshing and not too sweet. Hard to find around us though.”

      Tracy Flick Young – San Diego, California

      “Oh my gosh this is the best tea ever!”

      Debby Trachuk Phillips – Clovis, New Mexico

      “The best tea I’ve ever had, bottled or home-made! New favorite is the RGV Texas Style Half & Half but love the Poteet Strawberry Tea & the Fredericksburg Peach Tea as well. I buy at least 3-4 every time I’m in Whole Foods.”

      Valerie Whitaker Doucet – Church Point, Louisiana

      “I have tried the Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Grapefruit Lemonade, and Austin’s Own, so far! Love them all! I have the Cantaloupe but have not opened it yet. Can’t wait to see if more flavors are added!”

      Erin Kelly – Lehi, Utah

      “Best tea in the planet. The peach lemonade is the greatest thing on earth!”

      Jadaya Jones – San Marcos, Texas

      “Tried my first bottle of Texas Tea this week after seeing it at my new Kroger. Have tried many bottled sweet teas on a whim and am usually disappointed, but not this time! Excellent refreshing tea worthy of its name!”

      Lisa W Chambers – Fort Worth, Texas

      “Peach is my current fav, but I just read about a Poteet strawberry I must try next – the only thing better than buying made in the USA is buying made in Texas!”

      Elizabeth Power Kilmon – Hempstead, Texas

      ”Best tea in Texas. I just wish I could buy it by the gallon and Texas made lemonade is fantastic.”

      Bryan Weiss – Austin, Texas

      “Fredericksburg Peach Tea is 100% awesomeness! Great taste and satisfying!”

      Geoffrey Alexander – Brownsville, Texas

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